Super Aggro Crag Zone

by LvL HDz

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Super Aggro Crag Zone is the first level of a musical Pacmanian™ labyrinth created by the Lvl Hdz. It is the first Snacktape™ in our ongoing series of miniature mixtapes tailored to your miniature attention spans. In this zone we find our heroes at the summit of the Super Aggro Crag being super aggro and shit. Do-Do-Do-Do ya have it GUTS?!

There will be more zones to follow, this is only World 1-1, Green Hill Zone, Glass Joe, The Dam from Goldeneye...

Keep it on Channel 03 & stay tuned true believers.


released January 29, 2014

Thank You's:

Tyson Patterson for mixing and mastering EVERYTHING, listening to our stupid ideas and comfortably telling us that they were stupid and how we could make them decent, and sharing your garage and your pizza.

Sean Norvet you are a fucking animal and you deserve every penny you receive from your art. We love you and your disgustingly beautiful oil paintings.

Teebs, for possibly liking our rendition. Flylo, for possibly liking our rendition. Mike Finito, for possibly liking our rendition. You inspire us. We are fans and would love to take our relationship to another level.

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LvL HDz Los Angeles, California

LvL HDz... or catch the jagged edge of an enchanted hammersledge.

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Track Name: Mia Doi Todd/Flying Lotus - My Room Is White (LvL HDz rap cover)

four letter word never spitta
lickatung germ the temperature churns the melting pots herbs
the physical presence assured an urn not concerned i've learned that
sticks break and stones ain't fun to talk to but words haunt you
binky pinky inky clyde
2 tickets please for this genuwine pony ride abide by rules before 5 or after 9
i spy tie died saliva like lines
iron lung dent chimes
yoga phlegm split shine
styles on hiatus shipeshaft us transform and upload to a space in googles basement
my adidas, serve better as chew toys for baby cheetahs
lvl hdz you cant join us, you cant beat us
ive been a nuisance since justin beiber was still a fetus
and james howlett was to pussy to get at the phoenix

So fly on the feet skywalker OG/
nightstalker creep low, low-talker no sleep/
bags under eyes, bags underlined/
cash under the table for a bag of the kind/
my chucks kick, punch, its all in the mind/
I dont need to push my inertia works fine I-/
reminisce to younger days of bliss/
innocence and ignorance when hunger pains didnt exist/
used to be me and my kicks and we were up against the planet/
now it's: LvL HDz vs. the galaxy, man the cannons/
can of worms, can of spam, no you cant, YES I CAN/
your pajama-jammy-jams been puttin us to sleep/
I'd have to stop smokin weed just to make it through your album/
grindin my teeth to the root- pass the Talcum/
I'm 'bout to baby powder back smack a bitch/
and if I'm steppin on ya toes? consider it a fashion tip/
Track Name: Teebs - Too Long At The Fair (LvL HDz rap cover)
mixed mystic
mocking your kid's sixth sense
misogynistic sith ruler of the misfits
rumpelstiltskin ruin buckle-less kicks kent
clark's heart's ripped apart overzealous wrist pricks
fragrance is krypton been beyond the ripple of a bee yawn
over dead kintaro to see kahn
geek off, winner take all comic remnants, shredded to the 16th by 8 ions
mistress, first name person, middle of, last interest
send her up, Cinderella strut, crush
peons to dust blown cover speak klingon
the crux of our conversation rust for no reason
how do you like your eggs? beaten til they're double dead
party on garth, sober up at the mustard keg
straddling the line between avant-garde and knuckle head
no aimless braggadocio bout being the best til such is said

Batteries not included, mass assembly required
highwire acrobatics, back flippin man spider
fire eater dragon born, matterhorn yeti squad
putting the “get it on!” in “everybody gets it wrong”
searchin for a better song, neverending story though
sleepin on a bed of nails, hammered till the morning show
strong arm sweaty, Edward fifth of liquor hands
copped Paul Bunyan’s ox and walked away the bigger man
pitter patter, chitter chatter, cut with drivel liquid laughter
rhythm scattered like this pattern didn’t matter
this perfect spiral to the bottom of the barrel of a shotgun
carry the 2, drop 1
your math doesn’t add up because you’re part of the problem
this is not a solution, this is more of a solvent
dissolving the fog in my memory card
don’t need no radar to know where my enemies are

not reinventing the wheel just reinserting this quarter
tied to fishing line i promise its almost over

well they shoulda put clothes on the battle toads and gave em better names
road rash slap viper wit the chain
go mad max it's your birthday drunk face flat
haphaz zero fucks given bout you lab rats
bout as honest as a laugh track
loud cowboy chest catch buried hatchet
doctor frankenshrink sasquack right back after these messages
vogue to the expose of all my skeletons
it's a barbie world that magneto futilely meddles in
when there's plenty of leopards in the trees that need deafening
stud muffin on a bud cookie zooted trying to woogie
flexin like adonis, hippies bask in the excellence
thumb war champ, rubber chicken division
where my super ego slumbers rolling in that dunder mifflin
on the precipice of instant
crocodile tears in the goblet
simply killing cogs and sprockets

Give me sight beyond sight, fight stronger than flight
bite harder than bark and heart broader than might
rocking the mic in a hard place for arts sake
with flips & explosions like I wrote it in a car chase
watch it, watch it split you when it hits you
Yoshimitsu with a ginsu rip through tissue and sinew
quicker than the wind blew chunks on the front lawn
red cups crushed by the tusks of this mastodon
in other words I party harder than the mad hatter
can’t crack my code when I’m feeding you bad data
paranoid parasites are part of my paradigm
parallel with my apparent obsession with pantomime
hands flyin’ everywhere, actin out my aggravation
roger rabbit in Japanese- live action anime
activate the acetates, this masochistic masquerade
will lacerate your plastic face… nobody’s mask is safe.

not reinventing the wheel just reinserting this quarter
tied to fishing line i promise its almost over

lvl hdz, lvl hdz, lvl hdz
lvl hdz, lvl hdz, lvl hdz
lvl hdz, lvl hdz, lvl hdz
or catch the jagged edge of an enchanted hammersledge
Track Name: Mike Finito - Mike Finito Raps Too (LvL HDz rap cover)
If you don't know me from adam then you shouldn't be eavesdropping
cuffing these sleeves I've been, making no green autumn
me or 3 :16's nigga steve austin
show stealing son of a shotgun, the scenes watching
be warned or be caught in a storm of epic proportion
no stopping when the mood i am not in
more not than often I'm waking vaping or hotboxing
coffee eggs and bacon and situating my stock options
the slow talking, christopher jabbawalken
sinister introvert on a misson so microscopic
you squinting thinking thats death in the distance but thats me knocking on your noggin wit a tutankhamun curse for your optics, watch this
wish my enemies could see me now so i could boss em
i dont rap i think aloud it just happens to sound awesome
the m. bison type to catch life and laugh when Jake asks what i did with the knife

everybody say goodbye to the good guys
this is your fault, don't ask why when rap dies
we gon rock the boat until this mutha fucka capsize
you've been saved for the last time
all your heroes are dead

It's the siamese wonder twins, Fire-beak, Thunder-spit/
my bread roll is gross because the gutter's where the butter is/
tell your publicist to publish this or catch a drunken fist/
flyin at him faster than a handful of monkey shit/
fucking disgusting is an understatement/
over worked and underrated probably intoxicated/
on any occasion, I'm celebrating my greatness/
don't tell me to pump my breaks if you aint even in my lane/
I break bad over beats, tweakin on the bass line/
till I can't feel my face, I dont waste time I take time-/
flies... feed on rotting clocks/
try to sneak up on time, but it's always on my watch/
that's word to Dermaphoria, word to California/
where everybody's stoned like a Terracotta warrior/
the glory days are over but my story's just begun/
you can choose your own adventure but you lose in every one/

everybody say goodbye to the good guys
this is your fault, don't ask why when rap dies
we gon rock the boat until this mutha fucka capsize
you've been saved for the last time
all your heroes are dead

i try to subdue my urges, cravings and fits of rage
my disregard for margins and marching right off the page
me and the genre that i claim don't have much in common these days
emo was not a phase, angry was not a phase
i can't rap a certain way or dance how you say
I'm the mutha fuckin sandman get off of my stage
if your idea of a classic causes ass clapping action
then you wasn't raised right, and you probably need your ass kicked

Far from your average, don't even try to label it/
playlist assassins, killin off your favorites/
it's- not a phase, it's the nature of the beast/
it's the contents of our pockets, it's the monsters in my dreams/
that, constantly haunt me, constantly evolving/
revolving around this revolution that keeps stalling/
what are we waiting for? nobody safe no more/
its not a statement, we ready to start a war!/

everybody say goodbye to the good guys
this is your fault, don't ask why when rap dies
we gon rock the boat until this mutha fucka capsize
you've been saved for the last time
all your heroes are dead