LaVeNdEr ToWn zONe

by LvL HDz

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Lavender Town Zone is upon you. Welcome to the second level of the LvL HDz Snacktape™ inferno. In this zone we find our heroes in Lavender Town, caught in a battle against the ghosts of Autumn, Integrity, Apathy & the bleeding Earth itself. Super Aggro Crag Zone was super aggro, Lavender Town Zone is disturbingly lavender. Don't ask about BEN. BEN drowned. 01001100011101100110110000100000011010000110010001111010

WARNING: If prolonged listening leads to depression, anxiety, or an overwhelming sense of dread, press pause immediately and contact your psychologist. Ask for more drugs. Press play again. If symptoms continue… well you’ve met with a terrible fate haven’t you?

There will be more zones to follow, this is only World 1-2. Find the hidden messages to unlock a super secret bonus zone! Happy hunting viewers!

Keep it on Channel 03 & stay tuned.


released July 19, 2014

Recorded at Kapeesh's house.
Mixed and Mastered by Handsome Rob @ The Sound Bakery -



all rights reserved


LvL HDz Los Angeles, California

LvL HDz... or catch the jagged edge of an enchanted hammersledge.

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Track Name: Tonight the City Bleeds (time is the enemy remix)
welcome to paper street, pull up your chair and take a seat
it still amazes me you can’t escape from the make believe
afraid to be, anything other than what you were trained to be
you’d think by now, the bottom of the barrel would be out of vacancy
it’s plain to see, we’re losing the battle but this is war
and if you die without a scar, what the fuck are you living for?
Shfty 1 the minotaur, got you captive in my labyrinth
but I’m ghost to the planet if I don’t stamp it with a hand print
so I’m scratchin’ these verses in the surface of the earth
until every single person learns every single word
burning from within, cold shouldered on the out
shattering your glass castles throwin boulders at your house
Shfty’s known to hold it down, when it comes to destruction
because you can’t build nothin’ till you destroy somethin’
mass consumption junction, what’s your function?
takin’ pennies from the people and dumpin’ ‘em in the dungeon

Tonight the city bleeds
Tonight the moon is burning
Tonight the Earth breathes and collapses by the morning
Tomorrow we scatter the ashes
Tomorrow we pray for a phoenix
Today is almost over but today was just the prefix
The clouds will float beneath us once the sidewalk’s on the ceiling
And the pain will start to surface once we’re numb to every feeling
When the mountains start to crumble
The oceans will slowly rise
And the red river’s will run through the whites of our eyes

the emptiest of wallets
modesty highly regarded then demolished
indifferent toward my selfish little province
i been working on this railroad careless as to where it goes
bare knuckle defending this pile of whatchamacallits
it's all i've ever known, don't fix it if it ain't broke
and never trust a man that don't smoke
quitters quote
an oath in the oldest oak, blatant for open folk
to scrutinize with a fine tooth comb, slowest pokes
my biggest flaw is probably worth it's weight in broken bones that I would rather endure than hear a truth I need to own
honed in on pay dirt, i bite my nails nightly with murderous intentions
tears, sweat, and crimson
breaking bad habits that have engulfed my habitat
axed all the bad vibes attributing to vengeance
if sleep and death are cousins, i'm the liar thats two timing them and denial is our love child i feed opinions
Track Name: Yak Backs Anonymous (no time for time remix)
Back to not needing a single soul to validate my singing soul/
Not keeping those around that only come around to tell me things i already know/

back to the drawing board
then holding forward 'til it makes you sprint like twisting the sticks makes it more intense
we both no it doesn’t help a single bit but you’re convinced the rules don’t apply to your experience
i appreciate the knowledge you intend to kick but there’s a big difference between punting and gettin six
and i know you want whats best for me but sometimes the best recipe’s to let a tired topic rest in peace
i know you been there and done that
this major, this major, that business fell flat
met her and found god and on the real congrats but i refuse to found a home on dreams collapsed
if i can’t change your mind at least be skeptical in silence
i hear enough doubt every time i shut my eyelids
you will respect my dream and the pipe that it resides in
for now, all you need to know is i am...

Back to the grindstone, back to the basics
just me and my pen and my pad and my playlist
buryin’ my face in the bosom of mother nature
searchin’ for escape from the burden of being patient
complacent, while you tell me where my place is
when you can’t even swallow what you piled on your plate, dis-
gustingly dizzy, possibly from the purple...
probably from watching you walk and talk in circles
save the advice for the pages you write
in your tabloid magazine fantasy life
your two cents aint worth a penny in the least
and I don’t think that you’re in any position to preach
leave the helping hands at home, I prefer to stand alone
either way everything that you say becomes a palindrome
neveroddoreven, you just ride the in between instead
while I be high enough to ride that high horse you beat to death
Track Name: A Lament for Yoshino Soma (time passed autumn remix)
They call her, Venus vermiculite, so artistically articulate
that harpee where the sharks be, her heart bleeds in triplicate
drip drip infinite, winter is a frigid bitch
but this autumn this year is a wicked little hypnotist
her image is transmitted through that rose colored camera filter
nose bloody, candy filler, clothes cover half her figure
she actually speaks in tractor beams
an attractive thing with a nasty sting, sing
sing siren, sweet dreams silent night
smile like a moon beam, body like a knife
she’s the type to invite you over for dinner then
eat you for dinner, uncooked, cold kill a man
man-eater, insatiable appetite
dancing naked by candle light, Death’s favorite acolyte
dragon type passion like the fire in her eyes
but she won’t let you go until your world’s turned to ice

ooh la la la la ooh
retroactive rendezvous
middle child syndrome sullen september residue
before the frost forms and entombs the rotten fruit
bid adieu to the harvest moon
sweet leaves bleed and yield to the breeze
fate the matchmaker rooted too deep to grieve
seemingly serene but secretly an envious machine
practically immortal, embarrassed of every ring
wont bow before kings
thus destined to stare at the sky like why me
as, winter makes widows and spring brings relief and summer sets smiles then the gods go to sleep
year round gold souls antique, purpose oblique, impatience has peaked
never quite grew a taste for the autumn grey, with droplets to catch and a welcome to overstay
Track Name: The Killing Feels (prelude + kiara remix)
The coast is clear but clearly youve coasted
Haunted by your future but we both know who the ghost is
I don't know what you're going through, other the motions/
I feel my ship already sailed
Swallowed by the ocean
I wanna be naive, disregard the debris
Rusty nails don't bite those that walk cautiously.
Alter E-
Go for broke
On the gimmick where I fit in
Get in the box
Where everyone is different
Try not to crop copy paste the same image
The 10 thousandth edition of Christ but mines exquisite
Isn't this what you were built for/ the independent pilgrimage
The dust covered disappointment of being genuine
Chalk it up as the populace lacks common sense and discipline
Or embrace the fact that your vision simply isn't interesting
It's that feeling you'd kill for
It's that feeling you'd kill for
It's that feeling you'd kill for
It's that feeling that kills

16 bit brain, with a primal rage,
killer instinct, and a snipers aim
so stuck on the past can’t act my age
get with the times, get your clock out my face
modern day Mark Twain with a little bit of Vonnegut
contain the bitter cynic, focus on the positive
without sellin’ out for your summer time barbeque
maybe it’s not for you, what would Hunter S. Thompson do?
what would you do? I double dare you try
to muster the guts to put it all on the line
brains on display, heart , soul, body, and mind
ripped from your clutches restructured & redesigned
should I sacrifice vision just to get you to listen?
steal the wind from our lungs for a couple page visits
digi-age pay to play for some robot subscribers
kickin’ subpar bars in a subsidized cypher (NO THANKS)

this is a toast to my ever fading youth
and the mirrors of an art form i pay homage to
feel like ive always been a bit beyond my years
on the flip side, wise sounds old school
old soul in these gumshoes
searching for a lane to make noise in and run through
make fans, lose friends
prepare for the must do's
long as I'm alive fuck time it aint an issue
timing is syncing beautiful miscues
road less traveled, pocketful of continues
less Machiavelli, a little more machete
a little more cliche, life is a bitch and we’re late tell that ho to be ready
incarcerated canary
free like broken guitar strings
self esteem can’t be quarantined, orbit my distorted screams
alive when you’re not around, lily livered figurine
the scene is bigger than your litter box, you’re not a novelty
my inner oddity could make a sentinel look model t
deposit positivity or pigeonhole your prophecy
it aint rocket science signing off still a giant
jet setter on assignment, we’re all here improvising so...